At Front Row Films we are drone specialists that have been flying since 2014. Our main system is the dual control DJI Inspire 2 drone. This system allows a pilot and a camera operator to control the drone and its camera separately to create truly cinematic shots. The Inspire 2 also allows us to change lenses to provide us with different perspectives and has a larger sensor camera that allows us to capture stunning images in low light.

BROADCAST READY: We record our drone footage in the PRO RES and CINEMA DNG formats so that if you are working with TV, Feature film or high end Corporate Video you are good to go.

A DRONE FOR EVERY OCCASION: For tighter indoor flying we use the smaller Mavic Pro series drones with specially adapted rotor blades cages to ensure we can get you those amazing shots whilst ensuring health and safety are paramount.

For a truly unique perspective we are also now using First Person Perspective or FPV drones-watch this space!

At Front Row Films we fully are qualified as drone operators
with a full Operational Authorisation license from the CAA and
full insurance with Public Liability Cover for up to £10,000,000

New drone test footage
New drone test footage 2

James is amazing! John Stamp’s video for Blowing Me Kisses is seamlessly done! Beautifully shot and edited! Excited to see whatever you do next!